Skyland VKontakte
Skyland is russian tourist company based in Kazan. They needed an unusual and creative decoration of their group in the russian network VKontakte.
The idea is based on two thing: first of all, after every travelling people usually put a magnet on their fridge. Second, the page of VKontakte is white and is called "the wall", which corresponds to the wall of the fridge.
So I've made many templates looking like magnets and photo frames. They can fill the templates themselvs.
Slava Ivanov and Marat Bekshaev.
Later on the employers of the company started to make the photos of the magnets on their own fridges.
Mane page
Each magnet corresponds to a certain service.
Plane leads to the plane tickets, bag – to the shopping tours etc.
Polaroid frame
One can put any poster or photo inside.
Polaroid frame
We've made photos of several sets.
Vietnam set
Photos are put into frames, texts – on the stickers.
Goa set
Photos are put into frames, text is written on the polaroid card.
Italy set
Example of usage.
for regional brunch in Nizhnevartovsk.
for regional brunch in Nizhnyi Novgorod.
Additional magnet set
Additional magnet set