my name is Katerina Chaykovskaya, or Katyachay,
originally I'm from the North of Russia.
I speak russian, english and a little german.
I studied painting and handmade art in the art college,
made a long professional way in Moscow
from a designer, illustrator and creative copywriter
to a senior art director in advertising agencies,
studied directorship of multimedia at VGIK
(All-Russian University of Cinematography).
I lived in several places, travelled quite a lot, have met
the love of my life and moved to Berlin.
And during the whole my life I was dreaming
to devote my life to the field of video production.
During the study at VGIK cutting and directorship
were my favourite subjects.
That's why now I'm looking forward to meet
interesting projects in Berlin, where I can use all my skills
and talents as a video editor.

Victor Vinogradov, Director, Russia
«I like to work with Katerina because she truly thinks as a director, she elaborates my ideas, suggests interesting solutions and upon that she easily adapts herself to my vision of the material. Katya is hyper-responsible person, that's why I calmly entrust her the cut/editing of my projects and I know, that everything would be made proficiently and in time».
Dr. Dorothee Struck,
Frauenärztin & Ärztin für Naturheilverfahren,
«Katerina Chaykovskaya hat für mich Anfang 2018 eine kurze Reihe Videos zur hormonfreien Verhütung bearbeitet und geschnitten, aus denen ein Mini-Video-Kurs zum Diaphragma entstand. Ich war von der Kreativität von Frau Katerina Chaykovskaya sehr angetan.
Der Vorspann und Abspann ist jedes Mal ein kleines Juwel geworden und hat mein „Brand-Thema" die Lotosblüte auf eine sehr schöne Art umgesetzt. Sie finden den aktuell kostenlosen Kurs auf der Plattform Thincific HIER. Ich freue mich schon auf eine weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Chaykovskaya für die nächsten Online-Kurse».
Tatyana Evetskaya,
Teddy bear master, Georgia
Plusheria «Plush_and_share»
«I'd like to say Thank you to Katya as brilliant storyteller and her perfect cut of our teddy film! It was pure happiness to work together with Katya's team – she had a clear story and a picture of how everything must look like in her head and we made the shooting very fast. I adore the result – the cut tells this fairytale step by step and sometimes we meet even real drama there)) All details are there».