Logos, signs, typographics
Some logos and IDs I made
Beeline open air
I've drawn this butterfly for Beeline open air campaign.
Logo for travel blog Tripbudget.
Illustration, design
Porridge-to-go Arkasha
Illustration by Fil Dunsky, my lettering and design.
Sign for the chevron
I made the design of a s chevron based on existing logo.
Diamond eggs
Logo for the music band.
Illustration, design
Logo for postpaid tariff of Beeline.
Photographer Alexandra Leroy
Beeline charity
I remade the logo in the drawing style.
I made the circle bigger than in the original logo.
Later the original logo also changed the proportions
Beeline charity
Numbers were made and shot by Alexandra Leroy.
I reworked the official font of Beeline Officina
Language App
Design of a sign for polish-english app
Mother's happiness
Sign for the shop for mothers.