Before becoming an Art Director
I worked as a designer at trading company Alisa Enterpises
and Artemiy Lebedev's studio

Logos and signs
for different clients
During my work as an art director I took part in creating and supervising of print campaignes
Different projects
Travelling service №1 in Russia

Design of the event

I created the design for all print materials for the team-building event.
The idea of the event was developed by Media-Factor.
Colgate Limited Edition
Colour changing toothpaste

Concept and visualisation of the package

Ideas for the unusual package for new Colgate toothpaste, which changes the colour after two minutes of using.
Agency: Daily Marketing
Diamond Eggs
Russian punk band

Logo and t-shirts

The game with couples of round objects
Men's day digital card

One can shoose which time of army one wants to be

Concept, logo and design

Together with copywriter Katya Mikhaylova we created the gift to the clients of the illustration agency Catzwolf – 4 peaces of different pies, each in different style.
Denis Fokin
Different projects