Here are only news about my professional life.
Private side is on
Crowdfunding Commercial
for the feature film
Director and producers of the film "Symbiotic" – Juan Vargas.
I was asked to cut this commercials and also I participated as an extra actor.

Everything about the production of this feature is a miracle! Without any budget Juan managed to gather a huge bunch of creative people (23 crew, 90 actors) and shot for 240 hours in 50 different locations in Berlin. The film is in postproduction stage, in theaters November 15.

Commercial / Film "Symbiotic" on IMDb
My new film pitch
I've presented the idea of my new film in front of more then 50 filmmakers from all over the world during "The Berlin Independent Film Community" "Pitch-and-planning" session in the art space beiCRAFT.

Nettle / beiCRAFT
Premiere in Berlin!
The Berlin Independent Film Community organises the event "Drink.Watch.Talk" in artistic cafe ARTisan where people interested in films can watch a discuss short films from all over the world. 24 of April two of my short films (Bearlogic and Projection) were shown there.
Around 50 guests from Germany, Russia and many other countries – directors, producers, illustrators, friends and classmates. Thank everyone for coming and for the positive feedback!

Bearlogic / Projection / ARTisan
INOSMI and 4 663 views!
The Russian newsroom InoSMI (the doughter of the RIA News) has translated the article of the NRK which posted on their page on 18.02.2018 my video I've cut for the Russian music band Naadya

InoSMI / video / Naadya
My video on the TV of Norway!
The main Norwegian TV has posted my video on the webpage, where they've shared the list of 10 most interesting Russian music bands including Naadya for whom I've cut the concert video at 2015 and made the colour correcting at 2018. We both (Naadya and me) have no idea why instead of make a link on Naadya's official youtube channel they somehow have found my video on and decided to use it :)))

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in Norway.

NRK / video / Naadya
Beeline Showreel
Here is my showreel made of projects I had been working on for Beeline.

Beeline is one on three most spread and well known Russian mobile companies. It was my main client when worked as an Art Director at Lowe Adventa advertisement agency. Together with copywriters, illustators, best Russian production houses and directors from Russia and abroad I've created quite a lot of different campaigns.

My Beeline / Beeline website
Projection – new webpage
The webpage about the "Projection" short film is now up! The description, review, photos, trailer and the list of quoted films.

Projection Webpage
E-course Intros
I've fully created (idea based on logo – lotus flower, shooting, editing) the three intros for the online video course of Dr. Dorothee Struck from Northern Germany.
Music by Evgenia Nagaytseva and Igor Russkikh.

Dr. Dorothee Struck / Online course / video
Birth giving video
Reportage about the natural birth giving in the Perinatal Healthcare Center Moscow.

Editing, color grading – Katerina Chaykovskaya
Director – Victor Vinogradov
Cameramen – Matvey and Evgeniy
For – Perinatal Healthcare Center Moscow
Music –

Perinatal Center / video / on facebook
The Bells won the Awards
Directing, shooting, editing – Katerina Chaykovskaya.
The short video-impression about the sound of the bells of The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius during the Easter.
Sound recorded by Elena Bulatova.
Won the first prise at the awards in VGIK Sergiev Posad.

More about / video