For 1,5 years my main client was Beeline – one of the three biggest mobile operators. Most of the time I worked together with copywriter Katya Ganina.
Also with Katya Mareeva and Katya Mikhailova
Wifi Router
Can the wire internet become wireless?
Can the wire internet become wireless?

Every caterpillar wants to become a butterfly.
Every wire internet wants to become wireless.

Illustrator: Fil Dunsky
Copywriter: Katya Ganina

Emergency Wifi
When your regular internet has a break, use Emergency Wifi.
Left posters was included into the short list
Illustrators: Leonid Zarubin (left) and I (other two)
Copywriter: Katya Ganina

2010 Gift Campaign
Sometimes miracles can happen during the New Year time.
But imagine if the miracles could last the whole year!
For example you call your friends and relatives
and for every 20 minutes of talk
you get 10 more minutes for free as a gift.
It's great! And it will be so the whole year with the 2010 tariff.
It's a real miracle!

Director: Sam Macon
Copywriter: Katya Ganina
Illustrator: Ruslan Barnauskas
Font by

Digital Television
Usually one has to depend on the live broadcasting.
With Beeline television one can record TV-shows and watch them later.

Important soccer match will wait for you.
Your favourite movie will wait for you.
More good and different movies.

Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev
Copywriter: Katya Mareeva

Easy Talks
To talk a lot? It's easy
Illustrator: Fil Dunsky
Copywriter: Katya Ganina