For many years I worked as an Art Director
in international advertisement agencies.

My responsibilities included writing scripts, drawing storyboards,
shooting and production of commercials
together with professional directors from Russia and abroad,
adaptation of foreign commercials to Russian market,
negotiation and communication with clients.

One of the biggest mobile operators in Russia

TV and print

For 1,5 years my main client was Beeline – one of the three biggest mobile operators. Most of the time I worked together with copywriter Katya Ganina, Katya Mareeva and Katya Mikhailova
Essentiale Forte
Liver Protection and Recovery

Print advertisement

Print advertising for the magazines about cars. The idea is that the organs of our body are like the parts of the car – they all should work properly. I created the idea for this print which also uses both sides of the centrefold, so it looks like a opened car hood.
Render Artist: Serge Aleynikov
Copywriter: Ivan Petukhov
Russian tourist company based in Kazan

Group in social network VKontakte

The idea is based on two thing: first of all, after every travelling people usually put a magnet on their fridge. Second, the page of VKontakte is white and is called "the wall", which corresponds to the wall of the fridge. So I've made many templates looking like magnets and photo frames. They can fill the templates themselvs.
Slava Ivanov and Marat Bekshaev.
Later on the employers of the company started to make the photos of the magnets on their own fridges.

TV-commercials and prints

Cooler is one of Baltika TM sorts of beer.
Designers: Alexandr Surguchyov, Igor Shabalov
Copywriter: Andrey Levin
Director: Greg de Maria
Creative Director: Nikolay Pynti
Different commercials
During my work as an art director I took part in creating and supervising of several commercials
Catzwolf Digital
Advertisement agency

Plate – the gift for clients

Together with copywriter Katya Mikhaylova we created the gift to the clients of the illustration agency Catzwolf – 4 peaces of different pies, each in different style.
Denis Fokin


Artemiy Lebedev's studio
Illustrator: Egor Zhgun
Designers: Andrey Zubrilov, Sergey Fyodorov


Print advertisement

During working at Rapp Moscow I've created several posters for Tuborg Green Party campaign.
Illustrator: Alexandr Surguchyov
Stepan Razin

Print advertisement and web integration

The map of interesting places of Sankt-Peretsburg
Copywriter: Ivan Petukhov
Other ads
During my work as an art director I took part in creating and supervising of print campaignes